1. Explain the features of developing country with special reference to India.
2. Explain the role of International trade in economic development.
3. Advantages and disadvantages of privatisation in India.
4. What are the causes for rapid growth of population in India.
5. What are the causes and measures for inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth.
6. What are the causes for unemployment and measures to reduce unemployment?
7. What are the causes for low productivity in agriculture? Explain the measures to improve it.
8. Explain the problems faced by small scale industries.
9. What is tourism? Explain its importance in Indian economy.
10. Explain causes for regional imbalances in India.

1. Distinguish between economic growth and development.
2. What are the factors influencing economic development.
3. Public  sector policy in liberalization.
4. Differences between GATT and WTO.
5. Explain the role of education in economic development.
6. National Rural Health Mission.
7. Describe the impact of green revolution in  India.
8. What are the causes for rural indebtness.
9. Write an essay on role of NABARD in rural credit.
10. Causes for industrial backwardness in India.
11. Industrial estates advantages.
13. Describe Bharat Nirman
14. Explain the progress of software industry in India.
15. What are the renewable and non-renewable sources - Explain.
16. Suggest measures for conservation of forest.
17. Rural and urban housing facilities in AP.
18. Role of IT in Economic development of AP.
2 Marks Questions:
1. Per capital income    2. Planning commission    3. MRTP    4. Disinvestment
5. Maternal, Infant, total fertility rate    6. Urbanisation    7. Service sector
8. Literacy rate    9. Mixed economy    10. Poverty line    11. Poverty gap
12. Absolute poverty    13. Relative poverty    14. Zamindari system
15. Rythu bazars    16. Industrial finance    17. UTI, SFC, SIDBI    18. HDI
19. Industrial estates    20. Eco system.

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